• Chocolate Orange Stimul8or

Chocolate Orange is just one of our stimul8or groundbait range.

As the name suggests, Chocolate Orange contains our top secret Stimul8tor ingredients which does as it says on the bag, stimulates fish into feeding. By using these along with no less than 80% crushed pellet we have managed to create a bait that is high in nutritional value, and has amazingly high attraction levels.

The versatility of these groundbaits are second to none! Whether your balling in, cupping in, using them as slop, or margin fishing, it really will give you the edge you need to compete against other anglers. It binds well, mixes easily, and breaks down perfectly. You can even mix any of our stimul8or groundbaits into a perfect paste.

What more can you ask for?

Chocolate Orange is that “something different” bait, and is taking fisheries apart all over the country!

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Chocolate Orange Stimul8or

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